Our new album “Drawn” is officially out now on Contemplate Music. You can buy it on iTunes or order a physical copy here.

We want to deeply thank all the wonderful people and musicians that were involved in producing this record.

Grégoïre Simone – violin
Héloïse Lefebvre – violin
Sebastian Peszko – viola
Isabelle Klemt – cello
Anastasia Sissy Makropoulou – harp
Raphael Meinhart – vibes
Stephanie Crutchfield – vocals
Liz Kosack – synth
David Soler – pedal steel guitar
Geoffroy De Masure – trombone
Christian Tschuggnall – drums, piano, lap-steel guitar, percussion, vibes, composition
Markus Ehrlich – tenor sax, flute, bass clarinet, harmonium
Charis Karantzas – guitar, vocals
Thomas Stieger – bass
Johann Seifert – co producer, recording engineer
Thommy Tschuggnall, mixing engineer
Jürgen Heckel – string recording engineer
Gleb Zagebrin – mastering engineer
Joana Kauer – fotography, videoSebastian Studnitzky and Ulla C. Binder – Contemplate Music