NEW ALBUM “Drawn” officially released!

Our new album “Drawn” is officially out now on Contemplate Music. You can buy it on iTunes or order a physical copy here.

We want to deeply thank all the wonderful people and musicians that were involved in producing this record.

Grégoïre Simone – violin
Héloïse Lefebvre – violin
Sebastian Peszko – viola
Isabelle Klemt – cello
Anastasia Sissy Makropoulou – harp
Raphael Meinhart – vibes
Stephanie Crutchfield – vocals
Liz Kosack – synth
David Soler – pedal steel guitar
Geoffroy De Masure – trombone
Christian Tschuggnall – drums, piano, lap-steel guitar, percussion, vibes, composition
Markus Ehrlich – tenor sax, flute, bass clarinet, harmonium
Charis Karantzas – guitar, vocals
Thomas Stieger – bass
Johann Seifert – co producer, recording engineer
Thommy Tschuggnall, mixing engineer
Jürgen Heckel – string recording engineer
Gleb Zagebrin – mastering engineer
Joana Kauer – fotography, videoSebastian Studnitzky and Ulla C. Binder – Contemplate Music

string QUARTET recording session

We just had a great studio-recording session with a STRING QUARTET

It’s gonna be BEAUTIFUL!

Thanks a lot to those incredible players and our co-producer Johann Seifert!


Grégoire Simon – Violin
Héloïse Levebvre – Violin
Sebastian Peszko – Viola
Isabelle Klemt – Cello

Xmas coming up

As you might have noticed, Christmas is happening very soon!

If you are still searching for a nice present for your loved ones, or for yourself,
check out our debut album Snooze-On. You can purchase it on iTunesamazon, or order a real, beautiful and physical copy here.

Artwork CD Image

This is what other people said about the record:

“Life is filled with oxymorons and little ironies. Snooze On is one such irony. These 4 stalwarts of the creative music scene in Berlin kick some m.f. @ss on this CD! A snooze? Hardly. Christian Tschuggnall’s compositions are a melodic, but full of tasty rhythmic interplay that makes them perfect for this type of new music. No grandstanding or ego trips are present. Just exciting music filled with surprises, meaning and groove.” – Greg Cohen (producer of Tom Waits, bass player of Ornette Coleman, John Zorn, etc.)

“Ein organisch dahinströmendes Klangpanorama!”
- JAZZaffine

Hier hat man es mit Klangexperten zu tun, die wissen was sie wollen.”


new record

“DRAWN” – 2nd ALBUM COMING SOON!! – December 2014

In October the band spent a couple of days recording the music for their 2nd album, and it’s gonna be huge!
There will be a lot of amazing things, like our guitar-player CHARIS will be featured
also ON VOCALS on at least 2 Tracks. On another two songs, we are featuring the incredible singer

We also have recruited lots of other AMAZING MUSICIANS for the new record, including a brand new STRING QUARTET.

If everything goes as planned, you should be able to purchase a copy in MAY 2015.

So watch out for touring-news to make sure you see one of our shows nearby.
If you can’t wait until next year’s May, check out our [Youtube-channel], where you can find videos of performances of the new music of Snooze-On.

All the best,
-Christian from Snooze-On

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Snooze-On – “Drawn”
released in May 2016 on Contemplate Music. Download the album on iTunes or order your physical copy here.


Snooze-On – “Snooze-On”
released in September 2014 on Birdshill Records. Download the album on iTunes or order your physical copy here.




„Snooze-On gelingt mit „Drawn“ etwas viel zu selten gewordenes: eine tatsächlich bisher so nicht da gewesene, zeitgenössische Verschmelzung des besten aus Jazz, New Age und avantgardistischen Instrumentalidealen mit einem hohen Grad an Wiedererkennungswert und dem Zeitgeist von E-Musik: ein eigener Charakter! ” - Soultrain

„Snooze-On vermischt kernigen Prog-Rock mit Beach-Boys-Melodik, lässt Streicher und Harfen auf Lap-Steel-Gitarre und Vibrafon treffen  – und erschafft damit atmosphärisch dichte Klangerzählungen, die sich irgendwie poppig ausnehmen, aber niemals irgendwelchen gängigen Bauprinzipien folgen. Das Ergebnis ist die nahezu perfekte Balance zwischen Kunstwollen und publikumsaffiger Hymnik.“ - Jazzthing

Just exciting music filled with surprises, meaning and groove!“ – Greg Cohen (producer of  Tom Waits, bass player of Ornette Coleman, Bill Frisell, John Zorn)


// Markus Ehrlich // Charis Karantzas // Christian Tschuggnall //

Founded as an acoustic instrumental jazz-quartet, the project around drummer and composer Christian Tschuggnall wandered off more and more into bigger sonic realms. By doing this they still remain their dogma to keep the „song“ as the highest good to be transported to the audience.

Up until their debut-record „Snooze-On“ they followed this idea entirely without vocals, just with the instruments saxophone, guitar, bass and drums. Despite complex arrangements and compositional density, the band protects their songs like a sheperd, to bring them to the audience as directly as possible.

With time going on there developed a inner circle among the band members around composer and drummer Christian Tschuggnall, guitarist Charis Karantzas and saxophonist Markus Ehrlich.

With their new album „Drawn“, which released in May 2016 on the established Berlin-based label Contemplate Music, the band expands their sound and instrumentation drastically. Using the original quartet as a basis, they enlarge the band sound with vocals, string quartet, piano, vibes, horns, lap-and pedal steel guitars and harp. The main singer is the guitarist Charis Karantzas.

Although the members of the group are deeply routed in the Jazz-tradition, their approach for the project is such as you normally find in pop-or rockgroups. In the foreground there’s not soloists or lines, but the songs, their mood and the sound of the whole.

All this the band brings to life on stage. For that they get support from well known French violinist Héloïse Lefebvre as well as number one call bass-players Thomas Stieger and Bernhard Meyer.

Live Line-Up
Héloïse Levebvre – violin
Markus Ehrlich – tenor sax/clarinet/flute
Charis Karantzas – git/vocals
Bernhard Meyer/Thomas Stieger – electric bass
Christian Tschuggnall – drums

No upcoming shows scheduled

Christian Tschuggnall

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