“DRAWN” – 2nd ALBUM COMING SOON!! – December 2014

In October the band spent a couple of days recording the music for their 2nd album, and it’s gonna be huge!
There will be a lot of amazing things, like our guitar-player CHARIS will be featured
also ON VOCALS on at least 2 Tracks. On another two songs, we are featuring the incredible singer

We also have recruited lots of other AMAZING MUSICIANS for the new record, including a brand new STRING QUARTET.

If everything goes as planned, you should be able to purchase a copy in MAY 2015.

So watch out for touring-news to make sure you see one of our shows nearby.
If you can’t wait until next year’s May, check out our [Youtube-channel], where you can find videos of performances of the new music of Snooze-On.

All the best,
-Christian from Snooze-On