As you might have noticed, Christmas is happening very soon!

If you are still searching for a nice present for your loved ones, or for yourself,
check out our debut album Snooze-On. You can purchase it on iTunesamazon, or order a real, beautiful and physical copy here.

Artwork CD Image

This is what other people said about the record:

“Life is filled with oxymorons and little ironies. Snooze On is one such irony. These 4 stalwarts of the creative music scene in Berlin kick some m.f. @ss on this CD! A snooze? Hardly. Christian Tschuggnall’s compositions are a melodic, but full of tasty rhythmic interplay that makes them perfect for this type of new music. No grandstanding or ego trips are present. Just exciting music filled with surprises, meaning and groove.” – Greg Cohen (producer of Tom Waits, bass player of Ornette Coleman, John Zorn, etc.)

“Ein organisch dahinströmendes Klangpanorama!”
- JAZZaffine

Hier hat man es mit Klangexperten zu tun, die wissen was sie wollen.”